Based in Belgium, the brand wants to be Innovative, Inspiring & Independant.

Alone at the control, the founder (@SIMONxANDRE) puts everything on the novelty and diversity offering timeless products. Since 2018, the brands main objective has been to constantly increase the products quality in order to offer the best experience to all.


I don’t believe in chance, yet the whole story of this brand is based on it. When I was 18 years old I was an art student in a small school in Belgium and I used to sign my work with my artist name: “Monsi Drean”. This surname is simply an anagram of my name: "Simon Andre"

I had a name but not a logo. It was the graffiti years and everyone used to put crowns on top of our street-artist name. I liked the concept of the crown because it made you feel like a King, but I found mine too “street” so I reworked it at least dozens of times before the one you know today was born.

 The idea of starting a brand also came naturally: I put my logo on my high school sweatshirt for a school trip and my friends liked it and encouraged me to make more items…

To cut a long story short, I began this brand by chance but finally found a passion for it. I gathered as much information as I could and learned from my mistakes such as the fact that Belgium is a great country for being an entrepreneur, but certainly not in the textile industry… this made it difficult for me to find competent people for the realization of my prototypes (don’t panic I know now that I am well surrounded!)

Things don’t only happen to others, why don't you get going too?